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• Commissions •

Art is my full-time job, so you're helping me live with any commission you would take.
Thank you very much if you do, and even if you're not interested or change your mind,

don't hesitate to share my page, it makes a difference!

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• Quick infos...

• I use Paypal, and I'll start drawing once I've been paid.

• I'm ok with payment plans if it's more comfortable for you !
• These prices are for non-commercial use. 
• You'll usually get your drawing in 2-14 days.

If I'm very busy, it can take up to a month; in this case, I will keep you informed in advance !
• You may not resell my art as a NFT or through any form of cryptocurrency.

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•  I will draw :
• Any Animal or Creature
•  Humans, Humanoids
•  Anthros, Furries
•  Any sex, gender, age
• Fantasy and non-fantasy stuff

• I won't draw :
• NSFW - nude creatures are ok

   (mermaids, fairies...)
• Dragons
• Any fetish
• Demonic themes

   ! if a theme makes me uncomfortable, I have the right to decline even if it's not listed here !


• • •

Merci pour votre envoi !

Thank you for your support !

Did you make your choice ? Do you have any question or inquiry ?

You can send a message here or on the social media of your choice !

•  •  •

Reminder : These prices are for personal use. Contact me directly for commercial projects !

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