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An ARK story imagined by Ampreh and myself, in which a group of very ethnically diverse persons from ancient times have to team up to survive the dangers of an unknown world.

They call themselves the "River Fang's tribe" and will have to solve the mystery behind the strange domes that are imprisonning them here...

Meralbayr is a Uyghur breeder from the 15th century and one of the founders of the tribe.

Like every other survivor here, she woke up one day on the shore of an unknown island, alone and without knowing anything about how and why she arrived here.

She's a protective and impetuous fighter, taming huge beasts to use them as battle mounts !

Kahuere, a Toltec woman, is the very first person Meralbayr encountered on this strange island, empty from civilisation but not from threats. They have survived together for a long time before encountering other human beings and founding the River Fang's tribe.

Vivarium Note's themed Inktober, 2021

Vivarium Note's themed Inktober, 2022

Concepts for Ho'opi'i (farmer - gatherer - explorer)

and Mbwelli (sentinel - strategist), two other tribe members

On the ARKs, people often tend to keep a diary of their adventures, encounters and researches...

​"I'm not the kind of person to be scared of danger or to get disgusted by the most repulsive things, but Kahuere just doesn't know fear.

I touch these acid-spouting creatures with caution; she holds them in her arms as if they were big dogs, not caring that her flesh would melt at the slightest false move on their part."

- Meralbayr

cadre f- h_edited.png

​"Underneath her delicate and reserved appearance, Limni is extremely clever.

Her regular naps by her workshop only serve to fuel her creative genius.

Young as she is, she crafts weapons of an unimaginable destructive potential as easily as if they were ordinary wooden toys."

- Meralbayr

Concept Sketches

cadre f- h_edited.png

In their quest for answers, they will travel through a lot of different places; some will feel familiar...

cadre f- h_edited.png
cadre f- h_edited.png

...others, much stranger.

2 pages of a 4-parts comic with Ampreh : the challenge was to draw each case in less than 15 minutes.

The two last parts are available on my Patreon !

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The journey will be long and perillous, but they will always persevere !